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24 Sep 23
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08 February 2006 15:30

Warning from Scotland Yard

Mark Galliers of TruckPol has sent in the following warning with a request that it be widely circulated:-

On Tuesday 07/02/2006 the following adaptation by the East London infiltration deceptionists took place - note the new MO and location

An apparently innocent third party haulier was contracted by telephone and received instructions to attend a central London shop to collect a number of high value suits. The haulier attended the venue as was told that the shop had no knowledge of the collection and that he should leave. At that time, the shop received a phone call from a person who claimed to be from the police. The shop staff were told that the haulier was part of a deception that was being monitored by the police and that they should load up the vehicles and allow him to go. They were further told that the vehicle would be under constant surveillance until it arrived at the drop off and the load would be secure. The shop staff allowed 150 suits - valued at approximately £1,000 each - to be taken. They were last seen being off loaded in Carpenters Road E15.

Contact him at"-

Metropolitan Police
TruckPol - SCD6
5-17 Haverstock Hill
Phone 0207 230 7775
Mobile 07900 833750
Fax 0207 230 7774

Contact WL:

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